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Hot Air Turtles is a couch 1v1 game. Minimalist gameplay and constant turnovers, perfect for gaming nights with friends. 

Eat the other player

Conquer all zones

Save enough eggs

Trying to achieve one of the 3 goals while making sure to counter your opponent to do so leads to intense close calls and frequent turnovers.

The gameplay is intended to be simple and easy to play for everyone. Your turtle auto-moves and you basically just have to fly and shield. In addition, you can slow down or dash to better avoid or reach things. I hope that with these 4 abilities, the player can develop different technics to get an edge over his opponent.


Keyboard mode:

Controller mode:

In controller mode, 1 player can also join with the keyboard.

Use player 2 controls of keyboard mode for in game inputs.


Stun: shield while stomping the other player to stun him.

Slow Bounce: slowing down while hitting the other player or an obstacle will make you bounce twice as far as a regular bounce, letting you reach things behind you.

Shield bump: if you shield right after a dash, your shell will perfom a quick jump.

Slow Shield bump: if you're slowing down and you shield right after a dash, your shell will perform a lateral jump that goes higher then the regular shield bump.

-MAC build might not work with the built-in unzip tool. Try a third party unzip program, let me know how it goes.

-LINUX I did not test the Linux build, let me know if it doesn't work.


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hot-air-turtles-win.zip 181 MB
Version 9
hot-air-turtles-linux.zip 201 MB
Version 1
hot-air-turtles-mac.zip 190 MB
Version 4


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